Designed with Safety, Efficiency & Versatility
In Mind

All metal components of the Orange Bat are enclosed within the plastic tool frame; eliminating the chance for direct contact with the vehicle.

1.44lb (0.65kg)
L 6.3" x W 6.3" x H 2.5"
161mm x 161m x 65mm
WRD Orange Bat - Auto Glass Removal Tool Back View
  • Dual pulling points are positioned in close proximity to the glass panel and at opposite ends, allowing for easy operation from either side
  • Spindles (female 1/4 hex) in upright alignment allow easy top connection
  • Can be used with cutting fiber line or steel wire
WRD Orange Bat - Auto Glass Removal Tool Side Angle View
  • Compact low profile design
  • Lightweight and robust tool frame
  • Excellent gripping power and side torque resistance
WRD Orange Bat - Metal Guide Hardware View

Use with cordless drill on larger glass panes for quick and effortless operation

Use with the WRD Hand Crank 360 on small glass panes for great cutting process control

WRD Orange Bat - Hand Crank e View

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